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Mid Century Modern Interior Design: Home Style Guide

You’ve likely heard of mid century modern interior design. In fact, you might even have some mid-century pieces in your home right now. If you’re interested in creating a cohesive style for the vibe of your home decor, mid-century modern is a popular choice.

Here, we’re exploring a little about what mid century modern interior design actually is and how to style your home in this iconic aesthetic.

What is mid century modern interior design?

Mid-century modern interior design is characterised by simple, functional styles reminiscent of post-war America from around 1933 to 1965. Iconic “futuristic” furniture and statement lighting are still a popular trend in home design today.

The style grew out of early 20th-century modernism which was happening in the art world. Thanks to new technologies and innovations that emerged after World War II, designers now had access to exciting materials.

Plus, the post-war prosperity and changing economy meant many families were moving to smaller homes in bigger cities which also contributed to the emergence of mid-century modern interior design. 

So, how can you style your home using mid-century design? Let’s find out.

Go for Curved Edges

Mid-century modern aesthetics often feature a streamlined curved look. From round mirrors to curved coffee tables, going for curved edges when choosing your furniture and decor is a step in the right direction.



Use Bold Colours

Bold colours like navy blue and emerald green are also reminiscent of mid-century style. You could also go for a softer pastel vibe with lighter colours, but the idea of boldness should still be intact.

As the post-war economy made eccentric items more affordable, families no longer had to opt for dreary greys and blacks. People were finally living life in colour, a trend that spread all around the world.

Choose Organic Accents

Organic influences, such as dark wooden cabinets and tables, are a key aspect of good mid-century modern interior design.

While mid-century styles are simple and practical, they’re also incredibly well-crafted and expertly engineered. Still, a solid wood buffet isn’t always necessary to incorporate authentic mid-century design. Many pieces that were popular during this time period used wooden veneers for practically and mass production. 

Incorporate Statement Art

Since much of mid-century modern interior design was directly influenced by the modern art of its time, choosing statement art pieces can also help to make your home consistent with the mid-century style.

Mid-century modern art echoed this simple, practical ethos which is recognisable in minimalist painting, sometimes featuring only lines or circles.

Simple & Functional

Overall, mid-century modern design is all about simplicity and functionality. A departure from the ornate furniture design of traditional design and a bold new world of colour and modern art that changed the landscape of interior design, mid-century modern is a gorgeous way to style your home that never seems to get old.

Curved edges, bold colours, organic accents, and statement art with simple and functional design are key aspects of stunning mid century modern interior design. 

With so many mid-century furniture and decor options on the market, you too can fill your home with these popular designs. 

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