Grass Seed Mat FAQs

Q. Is it easy to install & How to Install? 

A. Yes it is easy to install.

It is an evenly sown unit. The major advantages are that it is a quick installation, it helps with weed pressure, less water needed and prevention of erosion.
It is much easier to install than traditional grass seed or sod methods all you need to do is the following; 

Step 1. Find the area that needs to be treated. Apply grass seeds to the soil then unroll & cut the grass seed mat to cover the treated area. Place the seed mat on top of the seeds in the desired area.

Step 2. Apply top soil to the edges of the grass seed mat and over the top of the grass seed mat. This is to prevent wind and birds from eating the seeds or removing the mat.

Step 3. Water the treated area 

Step 4. Watch it grow!

Please note: It is important to roll the grass, applying your seeds underneath the grass and spread evenly.We recommend placing some soil on top of the grass seed mat to avoid any issues with it being blown away or readjusting if people accidentally step on it. 

On average, seeds will begin to grow in 7-10 days depending on climate. We recommend that you wait until the grass is 3” tall at a minimum to mow the lawn so there are no issues or damage caused to the roots. 


1) Do not lay our biodegradable grass seed mat over any existing grass or vegetation. The product must touch or have direct contact with the soil/surface where you are going to install it.

2) You should also
clear all old grass vegetation before, loosen the top with 5-10cm of black dirt soil with a rake and create a smooth or right surface free of any debris.

3) The biodegradable seed mat works best when the product is touching the actual soil rather than mulch.

4) The biodegradable seed mat naturally tacks to the ground after watering so you won’t need any pegs to hold it down. However, if you live in a windy area, make sure you water the ground the night before installing to increase tacking properties and always then place dirt evenly over the top of the mat & especially around the edge of the mat.. This should prevent wind from getting under the sheet also.

5) It is easy to cut to size or shape by tearing or cutting with scissors, for example if you have a semi round pet spot tear or cut the biodegradable seed mat to the damaged area you are repairing.

6) Watering is very important. Once you are satisfied with the positioning and have added a bit of top soil to the edges and over the top of the seed mat water it thoroughly with a spray nozzle, the shower type setting is best or the mist setting. We recommend you water it 2-3 times per day until the new seeds you have planted start to grow to 3 inches tall.

7) Again, only once it is 3 inches you are able to mow the grass. Do not mow wet grass because it can pull and damage the new roots. 

8) Aftercare is KEY! Frequent watering is crucial to growing success, It is important to keep it constantly wet for the first 3 weeks until well established. If you do not keep the Hometica grass seed mat moistened to reduce the germination percentage your results won’t live up to their full potential. 

Q. Why the grass seed mat?
A. There are many reasons why a grass seed mat is the best option for growing luscious grass such as; 
  • It prevents birds from eating seeds and is fantastic for patches, repairs and laying out new lawn. 
  • The biodegradable compost fabric can retain 6x it’s weight in water so you water less  and grow more! 
  • It is easy to use, quick, simple, less water is needed and helps with the prevention of erosion. It is also biodegradable. 

  • The stay wet technology also helps stimulate growth!

Q. Can i use it in sun, shade or slopes?
A. Yes you can. It is designed for full sun light and semi shade. 

Q. Do I need to add seeds & nutrients to the soil before planting the Hometica biodegradable seed mat?
A. It depends if the area has any grass seeds from the pre-existing grass or not. If there is grass seeds there, you should be ok but we do advise to add some fertilizer. However, if you ad fertilise it is important that the seed mat touches the soil it is to grow on. A: Grotrax™ contains seed, fertilizer and mulch so extra nutrients aren’t necessary, do not lay Grotrax™ over any existing grass or vegetation, Grotrax™ must touch the soil it is to grow on, mulch

Q. Is it safe for pets?
A. Yes it is, just make sure your pet does not go near the grass until it has grown a minimum of 3 inches. 


Q. Will it promote growth on sand & other surfaces?
A. Yes, However, sand doesn’t have many natural nutrients so the results will vary heavily depending on many factors. Therefore, we would recommend you mix in some topsoil when loosening the surface, then fertilize every spring / fall. It is just important that the roots can grow freely and deep. 

Q. Can birds affect the results when eating seeds?
A. yes, it is important to spread a thin layer of topsoil on top of the grass seed mat. Just make sure there are enough seeds in the affected areas of your lawn. Another option is using a motion sprinkler system.

Q. What is the timeframe for the seed mat?
A. The growth is usually 7-10 days. However, in a climate that is sub-tropical, mild in the winter, spring and autumn then uncomfortably hot with high humidity the growth period is around 25-30 days. 

Q. When is the best time to plant?
A. Again, this is dependent on where you live, however, spring & Autumn are the best times to grow new grass. When the weather is consistently above 10-12 degrees celsius. We recommend NOT to lay during periods of strong winds