★★★★★ "These are the best sponges I have ever used and I am 62 years old, so you can believe it!"

- Petra V, Woodville SA

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Eco Sponge

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Tired of always buying new sponges? Unlike your average dish sponge, the Eco Sponge is made to last.

Reusable & Eco-Friendly: Microplastics = major problem. Unlike other sponges on the market, our Eco Sponge is durable and can withstand countless washes without degradation. More use, and no microplastic pollutants. 

Streak-Free Finish: Fairy-godmother clean. Thanks to their microfibre material, our Eco Sponge will wipe your surfaces clean without leaving a single streak behind. Practically magic. 

Double-Sided Microfibre: Twice the scrub. Our Eco Sponge features a powerful, rougher side for removing stubborn build-up and a softer side for gentle drying and polishing.

Material: Microfibre
Size: 17 x 11cm


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