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10 House-Warming Gifts (They’ll Actually Use)

A housewarming invite comes with so many unanswered questions— what to wear, what to bring, and how to pretend you didn’t already look the place up on Zillow. 

While we might not know what to write in the card either, we can help you find a gift.

Barbecue cleaning brush

1. BBQ Cleaning Brick

This one’s for the griller. This charred-meat fiend just moved into a new place, and they’re ready to celebrate the way they know how: a barbecue. With this thoughtful gift, they’ll be able to get their post-party BBQ clean easily, and without leaving behind any dangerous rogue bristles.



2. Blendzi Portable Blender

Moving is tough, especially for a foodie... What does this setting on my oven mean? What box is the spatula in? With the Blendzi Portable Blender, they’ll be able to have fun in the kitchen while still unpacking. Best of all, no outlet needed! This portable blender is USB chargeable so it will be by their side in their home, office or moving van. 

Washing gloves

3. Silicone Washing Gloves

These one-size-fit-all gloves are also a one-size-fit-all gift. Washing gloves are a household essential, but often forgotten on the “recent move” shopping list. Our Silicone Washing Gloves come equipped with silicone bristles so they can scrub, too. That’s two less things to pick up.

Drawer organization

4. Homezy Drawer Organizer Blocks

This is the perfect gift for your friend who can’t stop talking about Marie Kondo-ing everything. These Homezy Drawer Organizer Blocks will give them some much appreciated structure to the chaos that is the sock and underwear drawer.

Eco-friendly Tupperware and leftovers lids

5. Reusable Silicone Eco Lids

Another good-for-anybody gift. These Reusable Silicone Eco Lids will save them from buying space-hogging rolls of Saran Wrap (cling-film, cellophane, the clear stretchy stuff), and from having to hang on to those lidless food-stained containers. These silicone lids stretch to cover just about any standard cup or bowl, so leftovers will be a snap. 

Silicone Toilet brush

6. Flexi Toilet Brush

The housewarming gift that no one will ask for, but everyone needs. The Flexi Toilet Brush is no standard toilet brush. This flexible silicone tool is designed with a bendy head, so it’s a) way easier to clean afterwards b) far more effective and c) won’t do that nasty you-know-what flicking thing a regular brush does. 

Motion sensor activated light bar

7. LumiBar Motion Sensor Light

For your scaredy-cat friend. Maybe they just moved somewhere solo, or maybe they listen to too much true crime. Oue LumiBar Motion Sensor Light can be mounted just about anywhere. They won’t be stuck fumbling with their keys by the door late at night, and won’t have to run up their basement stairs in the dark ever again. 

No-slip Jar Opener

8. Mr. Grippy Jar Opener

Whether they’ll admit it or not, even your toughest friend needs a little help with their jars. When it's Tuesday night and the lid to the pickles won’t budge, they’ll remember their Mr Grippy Jar Opener, and they’ll be praising your name. Mr. Grippy doesn’t stop there: bags, boxes, tabs… if it's packaged, this handy gadget can help.

Eco-friendly dishwashing sponge

9. Eco Sponge

For your green friend. Regular plastic sponges degrade over time, and trickle micro plastics into our lakes and oceans. But your green friend knows this already. Which is why they’ll extra appreciate our Eco Sponges. These fabric-based sponges are machine-washable and double-sided. Bonus: they come in really cute colours, too.

Heat sealing device

10. Handy Heat Sealer

For the “I’ll pack a lunch!” person. We can’t help but admire their commitment to health, saving money, or just finishing last night’s leftovers. However, bagged lunch and a busy day usually doesn’t end well. TLDR: vinaigrette all over this morning’s meeting notes. With our Handy Heat Sealer, they’ll be able to carry their bag with confidence, knowing that all their lunch is sealed in, and the germs are sealed out. It’s a win-win. 

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