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How To Wash Microfibre Towels & Sponges

If you're a clean freak like me, you've probably wondered how to wash microfibre products...

Properly caring for microfiber products is an important step in having them last and maintain their absorbability.  

Washing and drying microfiber your towels properly ensures they will last longer, stay softer, and produce better results when detailing. Washing your towels incorrectly can ruin your towel collection and lead to poor results when detailing. 

The following is a complete guide on how to properly wash and dry your microfiber towels. If you follow these steps, your microfiber towels will stay soft and last longer.

New Towels? Wash Them First!

When towels come from the factory, they're often full of chemicals that coat the fibres. This makes them stiff, reduces their absorption and isn't great when you plan to use the towels on dishes for example.

So, before you use your new microfibre products, lets wash them first!

Choose The Right Detergent

Choosing the correct microfibre wash solution is important to maintaining the condition of your microfibre.

We recommend only using a microfibre specific washing solution to achieve the best results when washing your towels and microfibre goods. Microfibre wash is designed to safely remove dirt and contamination from your microfibre without harming the material.

If you do not have access to specialty microfibre washing detergent, no problem, we recommend using a small amount of non-biodegradable laundry detergent. Non-bio detergents do not contain enzymes (enzymes are made to break down fats and grease - they're not good for microfibre).

DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENER! Fabric softener clogs the fibre material and greatly reduces its absorption. Always use a microfibre specific wash solution for best results.

To soften up your microfibre products and help to remove waxes and other cleaning chemicals, distilled white vinegar is a great additive that is 100% microfibre safe.

Choose The Correct Wash Setting

Now it’s time to wash the microfibre. Place all your microfibre products in the washing machine. Select “Warm” for the water temperature. Washing microfibre with warm water opens the fibres to release dirt and contamination.

For the speed setting, select “regular” to properly clean the dirt out of the microfibre goods. Add 1 oz. to 4 oz. (depending on load size) of microfibre wash to the machine. Press start and allow the machine to do the work.

Drying Your Microfibre

Now that the towels are washed, it is time to dry the microfibre. Hang drying is the safest method to dry microfibre as there is less risk of melting the fibres.

Hang dry your microfibre products indoors, away from any airborne contaminants like dust or dirt. Once dried, the fibres may be stuck together and hard. To soften them, gently rub the microfibre between your hands.

If you prefer to machine dry, set the temperature to “low”. Do not dry microfibre products on high heat.

Using high heat on microfibre can fry the polyester in the microfibre, causing the material to feel stiff and hard. Microfibre that is dried on high heat can lower the absorbency of your towel. Dry microfibre products on low heat for the best results.

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