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Interior Design Styles to Match Your Personality

With so many interior design styles to choose from when styling your home, it can be an overwhelming process. 

A great place to start is with your own personality. After all, how you navigate the world -- whether you’re extroverted or methodical -- says a lot about the styles you like from clothes to home decor. 

So, here we’re going through a few common personality traits and sharing the interior design styles that match those traits. Let’s begin!

Adventurous and Outdoorsy - Farmhouse Modern

farmhouse modern interior design styles

For nature-lovers and anyone who feels more at home away from the big city, Farmhouse Modern interior design styles will perfectly suit your personality. 

Defined by practicality and comfort, you’ll find wooden and rustic elements combine with stunning modern elements, coming together to give you a Farmhouse Modern home.

Sprinkled with knick nacks and nods to the great outdoors, Farmhouse Modern interior design styles after an adventurous, farm-like feel in a modern way.

Calm and Open - Coastal

coastal interior design styles

One of the most popular interior design styles in Australia is the Coastal style. With sand-coloured neutrals, open floorplans with lots of natural light and greenery, Coastal interior design is all about feeling airy and relaxed, never too far from the ocean. 

With a focus on natural tones, shapes and textures, Coastal interiors perfectly suit those who feel most at home at the beach with a calm and open personality.

Quirky, Free-Spirited, Eccentric - Bohemian

bohemian interior design styles

Bohemian interior design styles are artsy and playful, mixing various patterns and textures with heaps of deep, rich colour. The end result is an unconventional mix of everything you love that somehow just… works. 

Think velvet sofas with woven pillows or plants side by side with brass furniture. For the free-spirited among us, Bohemian interiors offer a chance to be creative with your space, mixing and matching as you please. 

Outgoing and Cultural - Mid-Century Modern

mid century modern interior design styles

If you find yourself craving a sophisticated dinner party and appreciating pops of colour in your home, then Mid-Century Modern interior design styles might be right up your alley.

Characterised by modern practicality, wooden finishes, bold curves and rich colour, Mid-Century Modern is still as popular today as when it first came onto the scene in the 1950s. 

A stunning blend of traditionalism and modernism, Mid-Century Modern is for those with outgoing personalities and an interest in cultural trends. 

Introverted, Simple, Methodical - Minimalist

minimalist interior design styles

Minimalist design, similar to Scandinavian interior design styles, has really caught on in recent years. Taking a “less is more” approach and focusing on furniture and decor that’s either functional or adds value to your life. 

Ideal for those of us who are on the introverted side who tend to be simple and methodical, Minimalist interiors are anything but boring. By approaching your home using quality over quantity, Minimalist homes are both thoughtful and simple. 

Agreeable and Conscientious - Traditional

traditional interior design styles

If you’re not one to rock the boat, you may be attracted to Traditional interior design styles. You might have classical art lining the walls, a brick fireplace like your grandparents might’ve had, and a library in your office with a Traditional design. 

Spectacular furniture, antiques from corner to corner and ornate details are what make Traditional interior design so special. For agreeable, conscientious personalities who like the finer things in life with a touch of historical charm, the Traditional style is for you.

Which of these interior design styles best suits your personality?

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