Flexi Toilet Brush Guide

Here are a few handy tips on setting up and using your new toilet brush...

Before installing, ensure the tile that you wish to mount the brush holder onto is smooth and clean. The mounting pad will not adhere to rough, pitted or uneven surfaces.

How to install:
1. Hook both mounting pads together

2. Peel the backing off one of the mounting pads and stick it onto the brush holder, ensuring it is square and aligned

3. With both mounting pads hooked and attached to the brush holder, peel the backing off the remaining pad and carefully install onto your tiled surface

4. Apply light pressure, ensuring the entire pad has adhered onto the surface and that the brush holder is firmly in place

5. You're done! It's cleaning time


Attaching the first mounting hook

The first step is to peel off one sticky pad and attach it to the centre of the brush holder.

Ensure that the sticky pad is attached straight and centre.

Before applying the sticky pad, make sure that the surface of the brush holder is clean to ensure strong adhesion.

Mounting the brush holder

Clean and prepare the wall or tile surface that you plan to attach the toilet brush holder onto. 

Ensure that the wall or tile surface is flat and smooth enough that the sticky pad can adhere to it strongly.

Peel off the remaining sticky pad and apply it to the wall or tiled surface that you would like the brush holder to hook onto. That's it, you're done!

Why does the holder have holes?

"Won't it drip water?" The base is designed with ventilation slots to minimise bacteria from growing inside of the holder and for easy cleaning.

A light tap of the brush against the toilet rim is all that is needed to shake off any excess water before placing the brush back into the holder.

There should be no water on the brush when placing it back into the holder.

Can I mount it onto a wall?

You sure can. The mounting hooks are strong enough to hold the toilet brush off of the ground.

This allows you to get creative and save space in your bathroom!

Just make sure the mounting surface is clean, flat and smooth (otherwise the mounting hooks will have a hard time sticking).