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8 Steps for Deep-Cleaning Your Bathroom

Nothing ruins pamper time quite as quick as a dirty bathroom.

Though the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in any house, very few people like cleaning theirs (big surprise) and even fewer are doing it properly. But how can you expect to get clean if your bathroom is a mess? Before you treat yourself to some TLC, you’ve got to share the love with your bathroom. 

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled our top research, tips and tools into a step-by-step guide for turning your bathroom into a squeaky clean space you’ll actually want to relax in. 
Starting at the top.


Shower head

It’s all in your (shower) head.

If you’ve ever descaled your shower head, pat yourself on the back. This easily forgotten spot is one of the dirtiest in any bathroom. Your showerhead is a dark perma-damp party zone for bacteria including harmful Mycobacterium Avium, a variety of pathogen linked to pulmonary disease in humans.

To effectively eliminate these dangerous microscopic intruders, place your shower head in a tightly tied bag of vinegar overnight. Run water through the showerhead to wash away the vinegar. This will ensure that every nook and cranny is disinfected. Phew.  

Shower cleaning squeegee

Curtain time.

To get your curtains mega clean, all you need to do is remove the metal rings, then toss them in the washer on “gentle” with a half cup of baking soda and some regular ol’ laundry soap. Hang dry. 
Pro Tip: Put your shower curtain in the washer with a towel or two, the friction will help scrub away any lingering mildew.
To deep-clean your shower doors, mix a few drops of distilled white vinegar into one cup of baking soda. Apply the paste-like mixture across the glass, and let it marinate for about an hour. Rub it off with a microfibre cloth.

Modern interior bathroom decoration

Vent it out.

Your bathroom won’t ever get clean while your dirty vents continue to spew dust and bacteria. First: flip the breaker. Pop off the cover, and soak it in some warm soapy water. In the meantime, vacuum your fan blades, and wipe off any remaining gunk with a damp cloth. Reassemble only once completely dry.
If you have an impossibly awkward-to-clean radiator in your bathroom, not to fear. A long-stemmed tool with a flexible head like The Under Brush is a lifesaver when it comes to eliminating dust bunnies in tricky-to-reach places. 
Bathroom grout and tile cleaning

Don’t be a Grout-ch.

Ahh, Grout Cleaning. Giving everyone sore arms since the dawn of shower time. To get your grout to gleam with minimal effort, we recommend our Grout Attack Brush. We love this tool, and not even because it's ours. This 3-in-1 dream tool will scrub away grime with minimal elbow grease required. To get your grout sparkling white again, mix 5 parts water, 1 part bleach. Apply directly to your grout brush, and go to town. 
Pro Tip: when using bleach, never use warm water! Hot water can render the active ingredients ineffective.
Mirror cleaning tips

Do more than just skim the surface.

Before you even think about cleaning your counters, walls, and windowsills… remove all your items. No cheating! Dirt and bacteria thrive in the -lovely- damp spaces below objects such as soap dishes, trinket boxes, and cups. Once it's all clear, spray down with your favourite all-purpose cleaner and wait for  5 minutes before a wipe down with a microfibre cloth. (Psst— Mr. Squeegee Surface Cleaner will save you and arm strength.)
Pro Tip: After the initial spritz down, run the shower on hot for a couple of minutes and shut the door. The condensation mixed with the cleaner will give you a shinier post-scrub result. 
Toilet bowl cleaning hacks

The Porcelain Throne.

Pour some toilet cleaner into the bowl and let it sit while you get to work on the toilet’s exterior. Use an all-purpose disinfectant spray, paying extra attention to the base and flush lever. If your toilet is extra nasty, give it a preliminary wipe down with some paper towel. Then head in with a scrubber. Once the outside is good to go, the bowl is ready for more attention. Get the job done most effectively with a silicone-based bendy brush, like The Flexi Toilet Brush.
Pro Tip: Always shut the lid when you flush. This will prevent an invisible fireworks show of bacteria from spraying out of your toilet. (Note to self— add Toothbrush Holder to shopping list.)
Sink basin ideas

Sink or swim. 

Thought that toilet fact was gross? Get ready to gag: on average, the spot in your bathroom with the highest bacteria count is in and around your sink. To properly clean this germ-fest, spray a disinfectant and wipe it down with a cloth or sponge. Don't forget to give extra love to the tap and handles.
Pro Tip: Dental floss is the perfect tool to get sneaky grime hiding between the crevice where the faucet and basin meet. 
Cotton towel folding

Throw in the towel.

Nearly there! Your towels should be washed every 3-4 days. If your washing machine has a sanitization setting, use that. When it’s time to dry, toss in some wool dryer balls to add softness and decrease dry time. 

All done! Now you’re ready for that very well-deserved spa-night.

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