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Home Cleaning Services vs DIY Home Cleaning

Whether you pay for home cleaning services every month or you struggle through your household chores every weekend, the reality is that cleaning your home is a necessity.

While there are always pros and cons to any decision, we’re convinced that cleaning your house yourself is the better way to go, albeit by making a few crucial changes to your current cleaning routine.

So, here, we’re going over the pros and cons of both home cleaning services and DIY home cleaning as well as how to making cleaning the house way more enjoyable.

Pros and Cons of Home Cleaning Services

Whether you need an end of lease cleaning or an extra helping hand with the chores, professional home cleaning services can be quite beneficial. However, they often come with drawbacks too.

So, let’s dive deeper into some pros and cons of home cleaning services.

Pros of Home Cleaning Services

  • Saves time

  • You don’t have to do the chores you don’t like

Cons of Home Cleaning Services

  • Expensive

  • Less control

Pros and Cons of DIY Home Cleaning

If you’re not a fan of home cleaning services and you’d rather do it yourself, there are countless benefits of DIY home cleaning. However, again, there are some downsides as well.

Here are some of the pros and cons of DIY home cleaning.

Pros of DIY Home Cleaning

  • Saves money

  • Get a mini-workout

  • Teach kids responsibility

  • Control over the cleaning products and tools you use

Cons of DIY Home Cleaning

  • Takes time

  • Some chores aren’t very pleasurable

How to Make DIY Home Cleaning Better

Since most of us are often looking for ways to save money and do things ourselves, it doesn’t mean we also don’t want to save time or effort. What if you could do both?

By getting better cleaning tools, sharing the responsibility with family members and housemates, and remembering that moving our bodies gives us a boost of endorphins, it’s clear to us that DIY home cleaning is an overall better choice when compared to home cleaning services. 

Let's explore each of these benefits a little further.

Get Better Cleaning Tools

One way to make DIY house cleaning even better is by getting your hands on better cleaning tools. Do away with average sponges or germ-filled toilet brushes and instead, opt for more effective cleaning products. 

The Flexi Toilet Brush from Homezy is a great example because let’s face it, no one likes cleaning the toilet. But with the Flexi Toilet Brush, its bendable, silicone head never gets dirty and makes toilet cleaning a much more enjoyable experience. 

Share the Responsibility

Another way to make DIY home cleaning better is by sharing the responsibility. Cleaning the house on a Saturday can actually end up becoming a treasured family ritual or something fun to do with your housemates.

If you have kids, it also helps to teach them responsibility. It gives children a sense of pride when they’re given a task and are allowed to complete it on their own. 

So, turn on some music and make cleaning the house a group activity!

Movement = Endorphins

Last but not least, DIY home cleaning gives you an excuse to move your body. Often, we only consider heavy lifting or extreme cardio to be forms of exercise, but cleaning your house is a great way to get your body moving.

Without really realising it, you’re getting in some exercise while you clean you house and, believe it or not, exercise fills your body with endorphins to help boost your mood and leave you feeling good all day long. Plus, there’s just something about a clean house that gives us good vibes. 

All in all, home cleaning services are fine but we think DIY home cleaning is even better. With better cleaning tools, getting others involved and moving your body to get those endorphins pumping, cleaning the house yourself just got a lot more interesting.

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