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Handy Heat Sealer

“I always have this with me on hikes! It’s light so I can bring it along to reseal my snacks.”

- Devin L, Aurora CO


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Handy Heat Sealer


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      Never worry about your food leaking or opening and creating a mess in your purse!

      Now you can keep your sandwich, fruit snack, salad, or any other food fresh and airtight. 

      Always keep your chips, snack and food fresh and crispy! Keep bugs and bacteria out of your food!

      Unlike bulky bag vacuum sealer machines, the Handy Heat Sealer length is only 14 cm. It has a hook so you can hang it up with other utensils.

      Easy to Use:
      After the battery is installed, press down for about 4-6 seconds to start heating. Put the bag to be sealed in the middle and slowly pull it at a constant speed. For better results, the seal can be repeated multiple times.


      The bag sealer needs 2x AA batteries (not included). When the battery power is insufficient, the sealing effect will be affected. Please replace the battery. Please remove the battery if the device has not been used for a long time as batteries can drain. Recommended to be hard with aluminum foil or plastic (PP, PE, PVC) bags with thickness less than 0.3mm.


      1) Unlock Safety/Protective Cap to Down Position
      2) Press Down on Sealer to Preheat 5-7 Seconds
      3) Flatten Out Surface of Desired Bag to be Sealed
      4) Apply Sealer to Bag and Firmly Press Down
      5) While Pressing Down, Move Moderately from One End to Another
      6) Move Protective Cap Back to Up Position

      Material: Heat resistant, non-toxic ABS plastic
      Size: 3.9x1.37x1.56 inches

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