★★★★★ "It seriously saved my shower! It cuts through grime super fast! Great product"

- Gary M, Verified Customer

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Tuff Brush Set

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Tired of grimy shower grout & greasy ovens? Put some muscle into your cleaning routine with the Tuff Brush set.

  • Cleans deeper using the power of your drill
  • Saves time by half & requires almost no effort
  • Removes stubborn grease & grime that you can’t reach by hand
  • Premium nylon bristles are long-lasting & won’t scratch surfaces
  • Includes 3x brush heads to get every job done right!
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    Drill Bit Diamater: 1/4"
    Material: Polypropylene (PP)
    Included: 3x Brush Heads

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    Quit scrubbing by hand!

    For better results, quicker cleans & a sparkling, germ-free home

    Perfect for:
    • Removing shower & bath grime
    • Cleaning glass
    • Cleaning tile grout
    • Cleaning stubborn oven grease
    • Cleaning stained car seats
    • Removing pet hair from carpets
    • Much, much more!

    • Flat Brush

      Use on flat surfaces including shower doors, tiles, stovetops, bathtubs, oven doors, car tyres, upholstery & more.

    • Bullet-Shaped Brush

      Use on curved spots including sinks, pots, corners, bath tubs & shower shelves.

    • Detail Brush

      Use for spot cleaning & detailing on fixtures including faucets, shower heads & more.

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