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Wool Dryer Balls

"Awesome for reducing ironing time"

- April P, Vallejo CA


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Wool Dryer Balls


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  • About

      Dry clothes quicker, save money on bills, and spend less time ironing! These Wool Dryer Balls will change the way do laundry.

      Made with premium wool, reuse them again and again to replace dryer sheets and liquid fabric softeners -- a natural, more effective alternative for drying your laundry.

      For rainy days and winter months when hanging your washing just won’t cut it…

      For fluffy, warm towels that come out completely dry in no time...

      For that clean sheet feeling with zero static and barely any wrinkles…

      With these Wool Dryer Balls, you’ll actually want to do laundry!

      • Dry laundry faster to get chores done quick
      • Save money with lower energy bills
      • Fewer wrinkles to spend less time ironing
      • Lasts a lifetime of 10,000+ dry cycles
      • Eco-friendly and made from premium wool

      How They Work:

      1. Add the wool balls to your dryer with wet clothes, towels, or sheets. Add a drop or two of your favourite essential oil to the wool balls if you’re feeling fancy.
      2. The wool absorbs excess water and improves air circulation to dry your laundry fast, reduce wrinkles, and remove static.
      3. Enjoy your freshly dried laundry in a fraction of the time!

      Size: 5cm

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