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Laundry Basket Hacks | Creative Ways to Use a Laundry Hamper

Most of us only use a laundry basket on washing day. After all, isn’t that what a laundry basket is for?

However, you can use a laundry basket for a whole lot more around the house. But if you're not convinced, here, we’re taking you through a few laundry basket hacks that have nothing to do with the washing.

Stylish Storage Containers

Laundry baskets are amazing to use as storage containers for just about anything. Since there are so many different styles of laundry baskets out there, you can find one that matches your aesthetic.

Woven laundry baskets are great for storing winter coats, throw pillows from the sofa or your magazines from the 90s that you can’t seem to let go of.

Plastic laundry baskets are amazing too, perfect for storing kids toys, kitchen cleaning supplies and gardening tools. 

All in all, your laundry basket isn’t only useful on washing day. Try using yours creatively as a storage solution all around the house.

Laundry Room Organisation

Ok, we’ll admit it. This hack does have something to do with washing day. But, it’s still a creative way to use your laundry basket.

Instead of only using laundry baskets to organise light colours and dark colours or clean vs dirty clothes, use a small laundry basket to keep all your laundry supplies neat and tidy.

Especially when you use a hanging laundry basket, you’ll save heaps of floor space too. Additionally, hanging your cleaning products high enough to make sure they're out of reach of children is another plus.

Hanging Bookshelves

You’ll find countless creative ways to hang laundry baskets on the wall. But, if you choose the Hometica Folding Laundry Hamper Basket, it comes with its own hook and easy-to-hang design. It’s the perfect option for creating a hanging bookshelf. 



While this idea might not look quite right in a traditional home office or your mid-century style bedroom, there are definitely places where you can use this hack. 

For example, it works great for hanging your cookbook collection, leaving you loads of bench space. The plastic design will be safe from any spitting food. It’s also a creative idea for kids rooms and that plastic can withstand sticky hands reaching in to find a bedtime story.

Plus, the interesting design is sure to stand out.

Poolside Storage

Last but not least, a plastic laundry basket is perfect for poolside storage. Our Folding Laundry Hamper Basket is super breathable, so you can toss in your wet towels and togs without worrying if they’ll get gross and mouldy. 

You can also store pool toys and rafts in a plastic laundry basket… these baskets don’t mind getting wet! They’re also perfect for bringing to the beach where you can quickly toss in your wet, salty, sandy beach gear. Throw it in the boot and grab everything all at once when you get home.

Long story short, there are countless creative ways to use a laundry basket and these laundry basket hacks go way beyond washing day. So, what are you waiting for?! Give them a go!

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